Artistic linear system light

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This is a group of linear system . popular for designer office , artistic space . easy to install , and presence the unique elegant style . please have a view in the video presentation . VIDEO presentation go to  

the project case is related a chainstore supermarket in Spain , it required 3000k color tempreature to make the whole enviroment warm and sweet . the product is 1.5 m , led linear light ,36w, 130lum/watt , can connect one by one with accessories .

In South America, the temperature is much higher than normal , so they want to use solar energy to make shower.that greatly save electricity . this a TANK HEATER widely used in Mexico . this is produced from our brother company ,all technique data and sample are available .

this is a LED show in HONGKONG , our workmates enjoyed from the work and make friends as well .

Painting for LED light surface it is important to control the manufacturing processs in every step . while painting is a part of  easily ignored but delicated to influence the product surface .  A good product should be composed of every fine art and fine elements . this is a short video while paiting for […]