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IP66 Wall wash[ARTWS1306] RGB/Single 30w/54w/60w/108w,5years warranty

the light body adopt 6063# alloy aluminum molding ,lampshade adopt high stress toughened glass . DMX512 interface adopts high reliable bus connect ,automatic addressing function.

Mirror Lighting

Create dream-like water scenes by strategically lighting background areas around bodies of water that reflect the landscape off of the water .

Silhouette Lighting

Draw attention to an interesting shape by lighting a vertical surface behind the object to accent that unique shape

In-Ground Lighting

Deliver light to permanent and semi-permanent installations. such as sidewalks, large mature trees, walls and flagpoles.

Xeriscape Lighting

Cacti, grasses and the stone used in xeriscape designs can benefit from a lower lumen illumination than traditional landscaping.

Underwater & Water Accent Lighting

Enhance and highlight flowing water in waterfalls, streams and fountains. Create a magical mirroring effect on still waters.