CN 185°F Enclosed Retrofit Kit A19 E26 12W 7W 110lm/W

Self-Ballasted LED bulb, designe especially for high temperature projects, such as oven, boiler, furnace etc. using Nichia high effect LED chips. .High effect of 110lm/W.

This Class C UL Listed 12W and 7W Self-Ballasted Lamps are applied to some special environments. Working on 85℃, they provide 5000hrs lifetime, on 60℃, they can provide more than 30000hrs life time. All components work temperature up than 125℃. They can use in totally enclosed, recessed luminaries, double insulated. They’re the ideal products for both indoor and outdoor applications such as explosion-proof luminaries, cooking place luminaries, warehouses luminaries, special industry lighting.



85-277VAC Input Voltage.

Nichia high effect LED chips.

85°C Ambient Temperature.

Integrated 125℃  Thermal protection & 87℃  re‐start.

Class C UL listed.

As LED Retrofit Kits for explosion proof fixtures.

High effect of 110lm/W 100W and 60W equivalent.

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