Art LED Light

IP67[ARTIG2308]Inground, 7W 11W 21W 28W 42W,RGB/SINGLE,5 Years warranty

CUT hole size L 992*W70 *H100mm, DC24V / AC100V-240V, the black one cut hole size L999*50*87mm DC24V /DC36V ,RGB/single

IP67[ARTIG2306]7W 11W 21W 28W 42W RGB/Single,5 Years warranty

the design has increased area for heat dispassion, ensured long life . adjust beam angle illuminate module make the effect of wall washing accurate and perfect .

IP66[ARTIG1266U]12W/21W/16W RGB/Single 5 years warranty

12W DC12V 6pcs CREE LEDS, RGB; 21W AC100-240V , 8PCS LEDS Single color ; 16W AC100-240V, 1PCS COB , Single color ,

IP66 [ARTWS1251] 65W /108W, 42W/69W ,5 years warranty

Adopt stereoscopic convector for heat dispassion , beam angle 5° 12.5° 20° 30° 45° ,54pcs CREE , DMX 512 , RGB/SINGLE , [ARTWS1252] 42W 69W

IP66[ARTIG1265S] Ground light 28W/40W 15PCS LED, 32W 1PCS COB,5Years warranty

beam angle by 15pcs led , 5° 12.5° 20° 30° 48° 60° 15x30° 10x60° , COB style at 15° . single color .AC100-240V.

[ARTRF1145]IP66 8W 10W 12W ,5 Years warranty

beam angle 10W 3° 8° 25° 10x45° , 8W 8° 25° 10x45°, 12W ,12° 24° 38°

[ARTRF1132] IP66 85W 120W 150W 200W ,5 years warranty

adopt isolated two body design, has individual heat dissipation, fully ensure the long time lifespan, with multi way rotate function or round support or U support to meet various occasions.

IP66 Wall wash[ARTWS1321] Single/RGB ,6w/9w/12w/24w/36w,5years warranty

beam angle 12° 30° 55° 25X45°, DC24V/AC100-240V, adopt CREE Original LED light source,high flux output , excellent consistency of light color , constant current driver with PWM gray control.

IP66 Wall wash [ARTWS1303] 11W 22W 36W 42W 72W, 3 rack mounted,5Years warranty

3 rack mounting ways available to meet various occasion project , constant current driver with PWM gray control installed inside,powerful DMX 512 interface.

IP66 Wall wash[ARTWS1302]7W 10W 13W 20W 26W 40W RGB/Single,5 years warranty

this is fashion, high power, linear shape ,with design of increasing heat dissipation to fully ensure stability and long lifespan of led fixture . 6063# aluminum alloy molding , anodizing treatment.

IP66 wall wash[ARTWS1305] RGB/Single/RGBW 11W 14W 22W 28W 42W 72W ,5years warranty

the light body adopt 6063# alloy aluminum molding ,lampshade adopt high stress toughened glass . DMX512 interface adopts high reliable bus connect ,automatic addressing function.

IP66 Wall wash[ARTWS1301]RGB/Single/RGBW 9w 12w 18w 24w 36w 48w,5years warranty

DMX512 interface adopts high reliable bus connect ,automatic addressing function. RGB grey level 65,536 make the dynamic light-dimmer more soft , color richer.

IP66 Wall wash[ARTWS1306] RGB/Single 30w/54w/60w/108w,5years warranty

the light body adopt 6063# alloy aluminum molding ,lampshade adopt high stress toughened glass . DMX512 interface adopts high reliable bus connect ,automatic addressing function.

Mirror Lighting

Create dream-like water scenes by strategically lighting background areas around bodies of water that reflect the landscape off of the water .

Silhouette Lighting

Draw attention to an interesting shape by lighting a vertical surface behind the object to accent that unique shape

In-Ground Lighting

Deliver light to permanent and semi-permanent installations. such as sidewalks, large mature trees, walls and flagpoles.

Xeriscape Lighting

Cacti, grasses and the stone used in xeriscape designs can benefit from a lower lumen illumination than traditional landscaping.

Underwater & Water Accent Lighting

Enhance and highlight flowing water in waterfalls, streams and fountains. Create a magical mirroring effect on still waters.

Flagpole Lighting

Two to three directional accent lights are often needed to properly illuminate the pole and the entire flag. Use the pole height and flag size to determine the right fixtures.

Deck & Patio Lighting

Accentuate all of the beauty and details of decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, steps, handrails and more.


A technique that projects the look of a tree or yard art onto a surface behind the object.


Adds depth and dimension to stucco, brick, stonework or architectural features of a home or building.

Accent Up lighting

Shines light upward to illuminate an object or surface for dramatic, attention-getting visuals.

Cross Lighting

Using two beams of light, it creates 360-degree visual interest on large trees, statues or other tall features.

Wall-Wash Lighting

Directs the eye to the textures, shapes and/or height differences of items in beds, adding depth and ambiance.

IP65 6W Villa Garden light

This LED villa light is simple and elegant appearance,size diameter 90*600mm , AC220-240V , Delicated polish with IP 65 waterproof level .

Architectural R/G/B Flood Light 20W 50W 100W 150W 200W , 130lm/W ,5years warranty

This Flood Light IP65 and IK08 , The housing is in wet locations and in ambient temperatures of -22℉ up to 122℉. Applied to parking facilities, landscapes, facades, courtyards, and walkways.