Parking Light

Recessed Mount LED Canopy 60w 100w 150w 180w 125lm/w ,5 years warranty

This Recessed Mount LED Canopy is designed in parking garages, It consumes 60/100/150/180 watts and produces equivalent to 100W/175W/250W/400W metal halide.

Surface Mount LED Canopy 40W 60W 90W 110LM/W Parking garages

Surface Mount LED Canopy is well used in parking garages,accepts 100-277VAC/347-480VAC, 40/60/90 watts is equivalent to 175W/250W/400W metal halide. 5 years warranty

LED vapor tight linear fixture 18W 36W 5years warranty

this is for 1pcs/2pcs fluorescent lamps replacement.also can be used as low bay lighting applications at 20 feet or lower, 135lm/W(Clear Cover ) 128lm(Frosted Cover)

LED Vapor Tight Fixture 38W 50W 80W 100W Indoor/Outdoor, Wet locations

this fixture expands the linear product offering to include IP65 rated fixtures for demanding industrial environments.150lm/W (Clear Cover) 130lm/W (Frosted Cover) 5years warranty